Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens

Peak Natural™ Guaranteed Quality.

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens Blend of Fermented Grasses, Greens, Vegetables, Fruits, Fiber, Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics

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Proper pH Balance is the Body’s Key to Amazing Health

If your body is too acidic it provides the right terrain for germs to thrive… making you more susceptible to illness.  When your body is more alkaline your immune system is stronger.

At birth your body’s pH is balanced.  But starting immediately acid waste builds up and starts to shift your natural pH balance from healthy alkaline to unhealthy acid. To add insult to injury you’re exposed to acid producing food, chemicals and stress daily.

If the key to healthy living is keeping your body more alkaline than acid what can you do…

Give your Body the Optimal Alkalizing Nutrients you Need for Healthy pH Balance

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens is a delicious drink powder that’s specially formulated with organic superfoods and super nutrients to get and keep your body in healthy pH balance.

In each scoop of Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens, you’ll get…

Organic Greens Blend – A powerhouse of fermented alkaline-forming grasses including barley, oat, alfalfa and wheatgrass plus spirulina, broken cell wall chlorella and dulse leaf. The FermaPro® fermentation process ensures these hard to digest grasses are bio-available for full nutritional value.

Organic Fruit & Vegetable Blend – A special blend of alkalizing kale, carrot, parsley, broccoli, spinach, apple, blueberry and black current.

Organic Fiber Blend – Inulin, flaxseed fiber and gum acacia encourage and support digestive and intestinal health and help keep your gut in healthy pH balance.

Organic Antioxidant & Alkalizing Spice Blend – This blend includes the super mineral Vitakelp, an excellent source of iodine plus nitric oxide producing beet and gut soothing ginger.

Enzyme & Probiotic Blend – Enzyme blend of protease, amylase, bromelain, cellulase, lactase, papain and lipase to help digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates and probiotic blend of L. acidophilus, B. longum, L. casei, L. rhamnosus to help balance intestinal flora.

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens Promotes Healthy pH Balance for Immune and Digestive Support

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens is USDA Certified Organic, lightly sweetened with stevia and comes in an easy to mix powder.  Just one scoop in water or juice creates a delicious, healthy drink with no pills to swallow.

Each canister includes 30 servings. Adults mix one scoop in 6 to 8 ounces of water, juice or smoothie. Stir or shake to desired consistency. Drink daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

At Peak Pure & Natural® we go to great lengths to ensure quality and purity in every product we offer.  You can rest assured that our products are safe, of high quality and formulated to really work for you so you can stay in Peak Health… plus they’re always backed by our 100% Complete and Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Satisfaction.

To demonstrate our dedication to Quality and Safety in every bottle, we are incorporating the following quality badges on our new product labels… so you’re always armed with the information you need to make sure the product you are considering is right for you.

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Certified Organic:

USDA certified organic foods are grown and processed according to strict federal guidelines that dictate farming practices, on-site inspections, seed sources, fertilizer and pesticide use and soil and water conditions.

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100% Vegetarian:  When you see this symbol, it means the product is 100% Vegetarian.  Not only are the capsules vegetarian, each ingredient used in the formula is 100% vegetarian as well.

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Non-GMO:  No genetically modified organisms have been used in this formulation.  As much as 80% of processed food in the U.S. now contains GMOs.  When you see this symbol, you know we have gone to great lengths to ensure we source ingredients only from Non-GMO sources to ensure your safety.
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Gluten-Free:  We’ve taken every step in the purchasing of high quality ingredients as well as the manufacturing process to ensure this product is Gluten-Free.  We are proud to support those following a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle.
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Clean Label:  When you see our Clean Label badge, you know immediately that the product has been manufactured without silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate and other synthetic fillers that are commonly used in the manufacturing process of dietary supplements. We use Nu-FLOW® from Ribus, Inc.  Nu-FLOW® is made from rice hulls that are sterilized and ground to a fine powder.  The unique functionality comes from the fact that Mother Nature causes the rice plant to take up silica from the soil and concentrate it in the hulls of the rice, thereby producing a natural alternative to silicon dioxide and other synthetic anti-caking or flow agents commonly used in dietary supplements.
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Manufactured in the USA With Quality Ingredients From Around The World:  We take great care to ensure our products are 100% manufactured in the United States of America with quality ingredients sourced globally.

All raw materials are purchased from qualified vendors who have been approved and audited by our manufacturing partners’ Quality Assurance team. Each raw material is tested for identity and purity to ensure we are using only the highest quality ingredients for our products.  You can feel confident that what you see on the label is exactly what’s in the bottle.

In addition, we only manufacture in FDA Registered and Inspected Facilities and also require our manufacturing partners to be NSF® Certified, which means each facility is regularly and independently inspected by NSF® International to ensure all FDA cGMP requirements are met on a continuous basis.

Alan C. True believer Verified Purchase

I had been taking a greens mix of another brand but could not say it ever helped me. I really wanted something to bring my pH up out of the acid zone and when your Greens said it was Alkalizing, I thought I’d give it a try but didn’t expect it to be any different. Boy was I surprised when it raised my pH up after the first day! That sold me that it really works!

Shadrach S. Helps digestion Verified Purchase

It has helped me with my acid reflux, gas and bloating. I feel much better & comfortable after I eat now and even more energized. Thanks!

Gloria D. Just what I need Verified Purchase

I don’t eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, so this way I know I’m getting everything I need from Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens. I really like how it tastes. I take it every day (sometimes twice a day). It gives me more energy. Great product! Don’t stop making it.

Rebecca P. Great in smoothies! Verified Purchase

This is great added to smoothies, but good by itself when there is no time to make smoothies. Good flavor, staying healthy, will buy again.

Claudia P. Curbs Cravings Verified Purchase

My husband has had years of trouble with bowels and GI tract. His diet (when I wasn’t around) leaned mostly to acidic-starchy foods, snacks, sugar & lots of caffeine. He’s tried many approaches which didn’t work. I sneaked in some of the Greens and in about 5 days he noticed he wasn’t sneaking around looking for sugar products & snacks following meals. I tested his urine pH and it was alkaline. We’re on the last jar and he told me, “get more it makes me feel good!” So, thanks for a change for the better.

Helen K. Delicious Verified Purchase

A delicious blend of healthy alkalizing ingredients for optimum health. Very energizing! Will order more.

Connie G. Surprisingly tasty Verified Purchase

I was pleasantly surprised by the good flavor & even more pleased that my digestion immediately improved. I look forward to improving my health in many ways. Thanks for your product.

Thomas L. New Customer Verified Purchase

I believe this is the best health product anyone has come up with and a best food. This should also be a baby food. Another company has been getting most of my health dollars, but Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens puts you on my health map. I plan to order more soon.

Linda G. Less Joint Pain Verified Purchase

I find Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens very easy to use. I stir a scoop into a glass of water every evening. The taste is lightly sweet. It never is lumpy or hard to clean up. It helps keep me regular, and my joints feel better.

Robert A. Impressive results Verified Purchase

Excellent results. Much pain gone from my knees, memory is better and I’m feeling stronger.

Sharon B. Helps my digestive issues Verified Purchase

I just finished my 1st cannister of the Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens powder that I add each morning to orange juice. This has greatly helped my 30+ years of IBS – mainly constipation problems. I will continue with the Greens. It is the only product that has helped this life struggle. I am telling my friends about it too!

Ruth F. Great products Verified Purchase

After the very first “Green Drink” I felt good. Adding Peak Golden Oil, even better. I am hurting less (Fibromyalgia). Thank you very much.

Ruby P. Pleasant tasting Verified Purchase

Product tasted good and gave me energy. Also mixes well with both water and juice.

Jon B. Nighttime remedy Verified Purchase

Good tasting! I always use Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens at night with very pure water. Very happy with the evening drink with the alkalizing effects. I used to have acid indigestion at night and now I never have an acid stomach.

Miriam P. Love it! Verified Purchase

This product is excellent!

Rosalind S. The best Verified Purchase

Best tasting greens I’ve ever had & I get in more veggies each day. Love the idea of their being fermented.

Barry L. Happy customer Verified Purchase

Very pleased with the benefits and taste of the Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens.

Stan R. Extra Oomph! Verified Purchase

I like to take all my vitamins with something besides just plain water. Greens is the perfect thing. I like that it keeps me non-acidic and I feel it does a good job of hydrating me each morning. I like the product.

Robert L. Feel younger Verified Purchase

5-star rating! Wonderful product. Makes me feel great – like I am 60 again (I’m 87) and I’ll keep on pushing 100 years old.

Glyndell G. Great benefits Verified Purchase

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens gives me energy in the morning and throughout the day. It appears that it also curbs my appetite and has made my vision of eyes clearer.

Harvey W. Everything I need Verified Purchase

I think that I get all the fermented grasses, greens, vegetables, fruits, fiber, digestive enzymes and probiotics that I need. It’s easy to mix and take with grape & orange-pineapple juice. Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens is a wonderful dietary supplement. Thanks Peak!

Janis C. Works fast! Verified Purchase

I felt much better before the first canister was finished. I will highly recommend it.

Judy E. Finally! Verified Purchase

Tried many “green” products. They would sit in the pantry until they expired. This product is organic, a blend of synergistic dietary components and… it tastes good! So I’ll actually drink it.

Paul K. Superior product Verified Purchase

I have been on Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens for about 2 months and it has all others beat. I took 2 different kinds of greens, no comparison to yours. In about a week I noticed a difference in my overall health. Now I have my wife on it, great product!

Lorraine A. Helps Tummy Issues Verified Purchase

Excellent product! Easy on the stomach. Had some detox action and helps with acid reflux!

R.F.H. Sleeping soundly Verified Purchase

It seems that this product has improved my sleep! Finally, after all these years, I am sleeping through the night – thank you!

Imogene A. Long-lasting Verified Purchase

I love the morning miracle, Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens. The bottle goes a long way. I feel so much better after taking it for almost 2 months. I had no energy now I feel like doing so much more.