Peak Digestion

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Peak Digestion – All natural digestive formula with enzymes and probiotics helps soothe digestive upset caused by common food irritants.

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Here’s How You Can Eat the
Foods You Love Again

If you experience gas, stomach upset, loose bowels, stomach cramps, headache and fatigue after you eat… you may be sensitive to gluten.

These are all symptoms of gluten intolerance and it’s a more common problem than you may think. Gluten sensitivity is often linked to common autoimmune issues. Instead of the body digesting the protein, it treats gluten as an enemy and fights it off creating a multitude of unwanted symptoms.  

Although avoiding foods containing wheat, barley and rye can help. Hidden glutens lurk in many foods, cosmetics, vitamins and personal care products…

That makes completely avoiding gluten nearly impossible. If the key to healthy digestion means eliminating gluten, what can you do…

Wipe out Gluten Before it Wipes You Out – And Support Healthy Digestion


Peak Digestion provides a unique “gluten terminator” and 3 additional rescue remedies to help protect you from gluten and common food irritants plus help soothe your digestive system.

In each serving of Peak Digestion, you’ll get…

Glutalytic® – A powerful proteolytic enzyme that breaks down 10mg of gluten per capsule before it enters your digestive tract. Providing protection from accidental ingestion, cross contamination and even purposeful ingestion of gluten. The average 3-meal-a-day American diet contains 10-40 grams of gluten.

OPTI-BIOME® Bacillus subtilis – A non-dairy probiotic (most probiotics are grown from lactose) with 7.5 Billion beneficial bacteria. This survival strain probiotic contains a natural protective coating allowing it to withstand light, heat and powerful stomach acids so billions of bacteria actually get to your gut. Studies show it has a 100% survival rate in acidic to neutral pH levels.

Bromelain – A protein-digesting enzyme that helps to support digestive comfort after consumption of common food irritants. Also shown to calm inflammation that can cause stomachache.

Papain – a powerful protein-devouring enzyme – found in the papaya plant. It helps digest proteins and gluten peptides to protect you from unwanted after-meal side effects like cramping, constipation, diarrhea, bloating and gas.

Peak Digestion Protects You From Unwanted Effects of Gluten Ingestion, Calms Stomach Upset and Supports Digestion


Peak Digestion works quickly to block gluten from entering the digestive tract before it can cause distress plus, soothes stomach upset, eliminates unwanted impacts from food sensitivity and boosts the health of your gut.

1 capsule of Peak Digestion can break down 10mg of gluten. The average slice of bread contains 5 grams and the average serving of pasta contains 6 grams.

Take 1 or 2 capsules with meals as needed.

NOTICE: Those with Celiac Disease should follow the advice of their healthcare provider. Peak Digestion is not a replacement for a strict gluten free diet. However taking Peak Digestion can provide additional insurance in the event of accidental exposure.

At Peak Pure & Natural® we go to great lengths to ensure quality and purity in every product we offer.  You can rest assured that our products are safe, of high quality and formulated to really work for you so you can stay in Peak Health… plus they’re always backed by our 100% Complete and Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Satisfaction.

To demonstrate our dedication to Quality and Safety in every bottle, we are incorporating the following quality badges on our new product labels… so you’re always armed with the information you need to make sure the product you are considering is right for you.

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100% Vegetarian:  When you see this symbol, it means the product is 100% Vegetarian.  Not only are the capsules vegetarian, each ingredient used in the formula is 100% vegetarian as well.

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Non-GMO:  No genetically modified organisms have been used in this formulation.  As much as 80% of processed food in the U.S. now contains GMOs.  When you see this symbol, you know we have gone to great lengths to ensure we source ingredients only from Non-GMO sources to ensure your safety.
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Gluten-Free:  We’ve taken every step in the purchasing of high quality ingredients as well as the manufacturing process to ensure this product is Gluten-Free.  We are proud to support those following a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle.
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Clean Label:  When you see our Clean Label badge, you know immediately that the product has been manufactured without silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate and other synthetic fillers that are commonly used in the manufacturing process of dietary supplements. We use Nu-FLOW® from Ribus, Inc.  Nu-FLOW® is made from rice hulls that are sterilized and ground to a fine powder.  The unique functionality comes from the fact that Mother Nature causes the rice plant to take up silica from the soil and concentrate it in the hulls of the rice, thereby producing a natural alternative to silicon dioxide and other synthetic anti-caking or flow agents commonly used in dietary supplements.
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Manufactured in the USA With Quality Ingredients From Around The World:  We take great care to ensure our products are 100% manufactured in the United States of America with quality ingredients sourced globally.

All raw materials are purchased from qualified vendors who have been approved and audited by our manufacturing partners’ Quality Assurance team. Each raw material is tested for identity and purity to ensure we are using only the highest quality ingredients for our products.  You can feel confident that what you see on the label is exactly what’s in the bottle.

In addition, we only manufacture in FDA Registered and Inspected Facilities and also require our manufacturing partners to be NSF® Certified, which means each facility is regularly and independently inspected by NSF® International to ensure all FDA cGMP requirements are met on a continuous basis.