Peak Blood Flow

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Peak Blood Flow – 100mg Nattokinase to support healthy blood flow. 

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Natural Solution for Healthy Head to Toe Blood Flow

When blood is thick and sluggish you may experience common tell-tale signs of a circulation problem.

Your hands and feet may become cold, you may experience numbness, tingling, discomfort and swelling not to mention low energy.

What’s more, poor circulation can impact your eyesight, your ability to sleep at night and also cause headaches among other more series concerns with blood pressure, blood clots and cardiovascular health.

It’s important to keep oxygen-rich blood flowing smoothly throughout your entire body.

Over 40 years ago a Japanese medical researcher named Hiroyuki Sumi, M.D. discovered an all-natural enzyme from a Japanese staple made from fermented soybeans called “natto” that demonstrated the ability to support healthy blood flow. He named it Nattokinase.

Plasmin-like Enzyme in Nattokinase Promotes Healthy Circulation

Normal blood clotting is crucial for life. It’s an enzyme called fibrin in the blood that helps clot blood after a cut.

Once fibrin stops the bleeding, an enzyme called plasmin safely dissolves the clot so it no longer poses any danger.

Nattokinase works in much the same way – like a Pac Man® – it goes to work to naturally thin the blood for smooth circulation making it easier for nutrient-rich blood to reach every part of your body.

Better blood flow can mean healthy blood pressure, abundant energy and a healthy heart.

Peak Blood Flow™ Supports Healthy Circulation
to your Heart, Brain, Lungs, Eyes and Extremities

Peak Blood Flow™ includes 100mg of pure, non-gmo, gluten free Nattokinase from fermented soybeans to promote full-body circulation.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules. Take one daily, preferably with a meal.

Precautions: Consult your health care practitioner if are taking any anticoagulant medication before taking this product. Do not adjust your medication without a doctors advise.

At Peak Pure & Natural® we go to great lengths to ensure quality and purity in every product we offer.  You can rest assured that our products are safe, of high quality and formulated to really work for you so you can stay in Peak Health… plus they’re always backed by our 100% Complete and Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Satisfaction.

To demonstrate our dedication to Quality and Safety in every bottle, we are incorporating the following quality badges on our new product labels… so you’re always armed with the information you need to make sure the product you are considering is right for you.

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100% Vegetarian:  When you see this symbol, it means the product is 100% Vegetarian.  Not only are the capsules vegetarian, each ingredient used in the formula is 100% vegetarian as well.

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Non-GMO:  No genetically modified organisms have been used in this formulation.  As much as 80% of processed food in the U.S. now contains GMOs.  When you see this symbol, you know we have gone to great lengths to ensure we source ingredients only from Non-GMO sources to ensure your safety.
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Gluten-Free:  We’ve taken every step in the purchasing of high quality ingredients as well as the manufacturing process to ensure this product is Gluten-Free.  We are proud to support those following a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle.
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Clean Label:  When you see our Clean Label badge, you know immediately that the product has been manufactured without silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate and other synthetic fillers that are commonly used in the manufacturing process of dietary supplements. We use Nu-FLOW® from Ribus, Inc.  Nu-FLOW® is made from rice hulls that are sterilized and ground to a fine powder.  The unique functionality comes from the fact that Mother Nature causes the rice plant to take up silica from the soil and concentrate it in the hulls of the rice, thereby producing a natural alternative to silicon dioxide and other synthetic anti-caking or flow agents commonly used in dietary supplements.
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Manufactured in the USA With Quality Ingredients From Around The World:  We take great care to ensure our products are 100% manufactured in the United States of America with quality ingredients sourced globally.

All raw materials are purchased from qualified vendors who have been approved and audited by our manufacturing partners’ Quality Assurance team. Each raw material is tested for identity and purity to ensure we are using only the highest quality ingredients for our products.  You can feel confident that what you see on the label is exactly what’s in the bottle.

In addition, we only manufacture in FDA Registered and Inspected Facilities and also require our manufacturing partners to be NSF® Certified, which means each facility is regularly and independently inspected by NSF® International to ensure all FDA cGMP requirements are met on a continuous basis.